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3.  Janaka proclaims his enlightenment


In a sudden blaze of illumination caused by the guru's words, Janaka proclaimed:

O, blessed teacher, I now know I am the spotless, tranquil, pure consciousness. I am beyond this perceived world and all its phenomena. Having renounced the world together with the body, now through your grace I have realized the supreme wisdom of self-knowledge.

All this time I thought I was of this world. For so long I have been fooled by illusion. But now I know I am the immortal self. I alone illumine this body and this universe, because I alone exist.

Just as waves, foam and bubbles are not different from water, so the universe is not in the least different from me. Just as cloth is made up of nothing but thread, so this universe is made up of nothing but the supreme self.

Just as every iota of the sugar that is produced from the sugarcane is pervaded by the juice from which it came, so also every iota of the universe that is produced in me, is permeated by me, through and through.

Through ignorance a snake appears where there is only a rope. In the same way, through ignorance, a world appears where there is only the self. The world has no existence of its own. It is an illusion superimposed on truth. It comes about because of ignorance of the self and it disappears with knowledge of the self. It is like the superimposed snake which comes about because of ignorance of the rope and disappears with knowledge of the rope.

Just as a clay pot eventually dissolves back into clay, just as a wave eventually dissolves back into water, just as a gold bracelet eventually dissolves back into gold, so the universe having emanated from me through ignorance, will dissolve back into me with the dawn of self-knowledge. When all the illusory names and forms have disappeared, only I, the supreme self, will remain.

O, how wonderful am I! Adorations to myself, who knows no decay and who survives even the destruction of the world. O, how glorious am I, who though appearing as a body and appearing to be one of countless many, in truth am the one and only one who has ever existed. I have neither come from anywhere nor am I going anywhere. I am forever in the eternal now, abiding in myself.

My very nature is light. I am ever effulgent and splendorous. When this universe manifests itself, it is I alone that shine.

O prostrations to myself, who am nothing that can ever be thought of or spoken of, and yet, who am everything that can ever be thought of or spoken of. I alone bear this universe for all eternity without it ever touching or affecting me.

O, how glorious am I in whom all illusions appear and disappear. In the sleep state, the dreamer, the dream world and the process of dreaming, though appearing to be real, are later seen to be illusory and unreal. So also, in the waking state, the perceiver, that which is perceived and the process of perceiving are all illusory and unreal. I alone am forever real. I alone am that stainless self in which all these illusions appear through ignorance.

The root of all misery is duality. There is no other remedy for this disease except the realization that all objects of experience are unreal and that all there is is the one, pure consciousness and bliss.

Through ignorance I have imposed the limitations of body, mind and world on myself. But now, constantly reflecting on my truth as pure consciousness, I abide in myself, the absolute.

I know neither bondage nor freedom for I am eternally free. With the demise of ignorance, the illusion of the world has lost its basis, and world has ceased to exist. Once the rope is known how can the illusion of the snake appear and be taken seriously?

I know for certain that the body and universe are nothing and the self is pure consciousness alone. Body, heaven and hell, bondage and freedom, as also misery, suffering and fear are all mere imagination. What have I to do will all these, I whose nature is pure consciousness?

O, I do not find any duality. Even though there appears to be a multitude of individual beings I see only my self. Since there is nothing real beside myself to what could I now attach an illusory self?

I am not this body nor do I have a body. I am not this mind nor do I have a mind. I am not the individualized personality nor do I have a personality. Nor am I the ego or the soul. I am pure consciousness. This indeed was my bondage that I had thirsted for life thinking that I would come to an end, and so, I had denied the eternal nature of my self.

O, in me, who am the infinite, limitless ocean, the rising of the wind of the mind produces the multifarious waves of the world. With the calming dawn of knowledge they again vanish without a trace. In me, the boundless ocean, the waves of individual selves with countless names and forms, arise, strike each other, play for a time and disappear, according to their own nature. I the ocean am not affected.

The ego trades in good and bad fruits and acquires profit and loss through endless comings and goings, using the ship of the world to carry on his trade; but unfortunately for it, when the mind disappears and the illusion of the world is destroyed, the ego gets completely obliterated. Such has been my experience.

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