What we have just spoken of is the final step of full self-realization. It is beyond the state of being awake in dreamless sleep; it is being fully awake from the point of view of the awake state itself. As has been stated several times earlier, when the long serial dream that has been going on for eons finally comes to an end, this last step of awakening happens spontaneously and naturally. It is abidance in our true nature which has never left. It is turning away from the room of mirrors and allowing all the images of our projections to fade into the pure consciousness of being.

        This ultimate awakening is not another state; it is the absolute reality, the true unchanging ground of being that transcends all experience. It is our natural native reality of pure consciousness, infinite and undisturbed, fully conscious of itself. It is beyond words and forms and concepts and experiences. It is the basis of all forms, concepts and experiences. It cannot be objectified and it cannot be named.

        Nevertheless, it has been given many names by mystics who have realized such full awakening. These blessed souls who are asleep to the three states of consciousness and awake to the truth of being, have called that unspeakable mystery which is beyond all knowledge and yet is the basis of all knowledge, as Atma, Self, Brahman, the fourth (that which is beyond the three common states of consciousness), Absolute Reality, Satchitananda (Being, Consciousness, Bliss), the Immortal One, Spirit, Heart of Hearts, the Ultimate Source, Splendor, Light, Infinite Consciousness, Pure Awareness, Divinity, Nonduality, the All in All, the Emptiness, Isness, Shiva, That which dwells in the core of every heart, in short, God. It cannot be described, it cannot be understood, it cannot be taught, it cannot be spoken of. It can only be.

        To paraphrase the Course in Miracles, we say that God is, and then we cease to speak, for in that knowledge words are meaningless. There are no lips to speak them, and there is no mind aware of something not itself. The mind is united with its Source, and like its Source, it merely is.

        Here our story ends, in the pure essence of being that is and always has been our one truth. Nothing has happened. Nothing has changed. The only thing that seems to have happened is that the blocks to love’s awareness of itself, seem to have inexplicably faded away; and the ego which appeared to have been so powerful has totally disappeared. As always, without ever having been diminished, the Self shines in undiminished glory.

Divine Love

        I have not said much about love in this discussion so far, yet love underlies every discovery we make. It is our true nature. Whether we are aware of it or not, the currency of existence, its very life-blood and breath, is love. Everyone perceived as other is only a reflection of the one Self, which is love. Every interaction we have with another, however it appears to eyes covered by the film of delusion, is in truth an extension of love or a call for love. There is only love. Everyone, every thing we perceive disguised as world, disguised as friend or foe, as family or stranger, as likes or dislikes, as ideas and thoughts, disguised as anything that appears to be other than love, is but love itself. Love is a synonym for peace, for bliss, for divine truth, for essence, for Self, for God. We need not de­velop our love because we already are divine love.

        Our play has been to clothe love with a multitude of forms, to  name each of these forms, whether physical or subtle, and call them either ‘self’ or ‘other’. When we play the part of spiritual aspirants, our delight shifts from that game to another game of finding only the one self in all forms and discovering that self to be pure love, that all there is is love. We realize that every block that we have made to cover love, is absolutely nothing. Illusion seems to cover love, fear seems to cover love, hatred, separation, judgment, even what we call and experience as ‘love’ seems to cover love. But when, with a clear, open and inquiring mind, we focus our attention on these seeming blocks, penetrating into the very heart of them and see them for what they are, they vanish away and pure divine love remains. This is just another way of speaking of awaken­ing, liberation or selfrealization. In other words, it is our return to the essence which we have never left.