Some Teachings of Ramana Maharishi




When unity in the heart is replaced by a variety of perceived phenomena, it is called the outgoing mind.

When you enter the inner stillness of being, the heart-going mind is called the resting mind.

When one daily practices more and more abiding in the heart, the mind will become extremely pure due to the removal of its defects, and the practice will become so easy that the purified mind will plunge into the heart as soon as the inquiry is commenced.

Be what you are. All that is necessary is to lose the ego. That which is, is always there.

Even now you are that. You are not apart from it.

The thought, 'I have not realized', the expectation to become realized, and the desire of getting anything, are all the workings of the ego. You have fallen into snares of the ego. Be yourself!

See who you are, drop your mind into the cave of the heart and remain as the Self, free from birth and death, free from all comings and goings.